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    Shanxi Xinhua project Hydrogen sulfide desulfurization ultra low emission project

    Shanxi Xinghua project is that we use the wet PDS catalytic oxidation process by regarding the sodium carbonate as the source and the desulfurization regeneration integrated equipment technology to treat the gas generated from the gas furnace equipment in Kodak clean energy. The process calculations
  • 新疆庆华能源集团5×280th锅炉脱硝EPC工程.jpg

    Application of DDC Technology for Sulfur Dioxide Desulphurization in Changchun Dacheng 2 × 130t/h Boiler

    The whole project is divided into two phases, and the desulphurization public part of the five boilers (four in operation and one for preparation) is designed and constructed this time. In the first phase we firstly established the 2×130t/h boiler flue gas desulfurization system, process water syste
  • 吉林石化动力二厂3X220th锅炉复合脱硝项目_副本.jpg

    Shenhua Ningxia Coal Olefins Plant 6×460th Low Temperature and Dust Removal Renovation Project

    The project took advantage of the electronic bag compound dust removal technology and LLT+ ESP (low temperature coal economizer + electrostatic precipitator), which is the independent research and development of DDC technology. The dust removal efficiency became more than 99.926% after that and the
  • 东岳陶瓷超低排放EPC工程.jpg

    Zibo Dongyue Ceramic Ultra Low Emission Project

    Brief introduction of the project: Super-low-emission treatment of desulfurization and dust removal of the flue gas from the two cowper stoves and two kilns of Zibo Dongyue Ceramics, adopting the integrated technology combing wet desulfurization and tower top honeycomb wet dust removal technology to
  • 蒙娜丽莎集团股份有限公司二期2×420th超低排放工程.jpg

    Guangdong Mona Lisa Ultra Low Emission Project

    Ultra-low emission treatment of four spray drying towers and four production lines of Foshan Mona Lisa project, adopting the full-automatic SNCR denitration technology + wet desulfurization technology + flat-type wet electric dust removal technology to make the flue gas emission meet the Ultra-low E



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