Turbine Vacuum Pump

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With obvious advantages of high efficiency and water saving ,turbine vacuum pump is a good choice for vacuum system.

The traditional liquid ring vacuum pump is widely used in the vacuum system , liquid ring vacuum pump in low speed, large size, and low efficiency (general efficiency is 30%~35%, large can only reach 40%), high energy consumption; also consume a large amount of working fluid water, water will corrode pump or cause the scale blocking damage. Compared with that, turbine vacuum pump has obvious advantages.

Impeller designed by three dimensional flow and numerical control, the overall efficiency can reach 83-88%

Compared with the liquid ring vacuum pump, Turbine vacuum pump can save fresh water more than 85%;

Waste heat utilization---The hot air of outlet can reach 140 ℃, which can be recovered by heat exchange;

High reliability---without working fluid , sealing water,no problem of corrosion and scaling etc

Compact structure, large flow range, high degree of automation.

Energy saving case


Anhui paper-making enterprise adopts turbine vacuum pump instead of the traditional water ring vacuum pump, 273,360,000kWh electricity and 64,850,000t water can be saved annually and the recovered heat goes to 433t standard coal.

1.The paper making machines speed is 500m/min, 4.5m in width, the power of 3 turbine vacuum pumps is 1025W, the design power of water ring vacuum pump is 1360kW, (1360-1025) *24*340=273,360,000kWh electricity can be saved annually.

2.The temperature of hot air discharged from vacuum pump up to 100~120℃, after exchanging the air heat, exhaust temperature is 70~80℃; the recovered heat goes to 433t standard coal.

3.According to different working principle, turbine type vacuum pump only need a small amount of water as cooling water , so the turbine vacuum pump has a great advantage of saving water; the water consumption of liquid ring vacuum pump is about 96.6t*24*340=7,880,000 tons/year, water consumption of 3 turbine vacuum pumps 5.7t*3*24*340=13,950,000 tons/year, 64,850,000t water can be saved annually.

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