China training
This training program is conducted in China and customers can send their personnel to China, and KEDA provides training on products, hydraulic and electric systems, factory management and QC knowledge.

Local training
KEDA can send engineer on or off-site. to provide more detailed knowledge on products, including product operation and maintenance training, along with more in-depth training on hydraulic and electric systems, which equipping operators with high-level machine operation and maintenance skills. Our expert-led training sessions ensure that operators master skills to help them operate machines safely and efficiently so as to maximize job-site productivity.

Advanced training
The advanced training specifically focuses on customer’s special requirements about the solution.This can be for new equipment induction, technology upgrades training, new personnel training or simply refreshing and building experience. 


Raw material Test

With the international engineer experiment center, we can offer the raw material test service  for our customers.
Before starting the project, if the raw material isnt the normal standard and our customer cant provide us the professional raw material chemical analysis report, then they can send us the raw material and we can do the analysis of the raw material though our own test center to make the suitable formula or solution for our customer.

Factory Layout Plan

Based on your local conditions for raw material availability as well as local geological features, we are able to work out a complete solution for your project covering factory layout plan, production line design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and operators training.

Fast Delivery

Quick project delivery is possible with high efficient technical research and development team, well-coordinated production system, exceptional manufacturing capability, and complete supply chain system.

Value-Added Service

Adding monitoring system to the production line to enable a controllable production process, digitized management, improved production efficiency, and maximized customer profits.


One-stop service helps customers succeed in the long run. 
KEDA offers engineering schedule including complete plant layout, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and personnel training according to customer raw material supply, marketing research, and geology condition.  Also we  will provide follow-up services in order to understand how well your production line operates, solve your problems related to process technique, product quality, and product cost control, and deliver spare parts as well as equipment repair services.



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