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Single-stage high-speed centrifugation blower

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1.Medium: air
2.Performance range:Rate of flow 40-1000m³/min,boosting 49-200kPa
3.Main feature
1)Impeller designed by three dimensional flow and numerical control, the overall efficiency can reach 83-88%.
2)The impeller material mainly uses the air forging aluminum, the high strength alloy steel, the titanium alloy, the leaf shape by the five coordinates machining center overall milling;
3)Tmpeller through over test and high precision dynamic balance, high reliability;
4)Using Imported pre swirl device, the flow can be adjusted within 40-110%.
5)Using PLC and anti surge technology, electromechanical integration, high degree of automation, so the operation is reliable.
6)Unit integrated design, less land occupation, low installation cost.

1)Aeration of waste water treatment
2)Power plant desulfurization treatment
3)air blower
4)Transmission for Air, Coal gas, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, Hydrogen sulfide, and other kinds of gas

3.AC series single stage high speed centrifugal blower configuration::

Accelerating box: High precision gear, full CNC machining, high transmission efficiency;
Horizontal division, convenient maintenance.

Impeller and high speed shaft:
The maximum speed is over 30000r/min; the highest pressure ratio of Single stage is 3.5, work ability is stronger.

Tilting pad bearing:
The tilting pad bearing, adapt to the complex and variable condition of load;
Babbit alloy free scraping tile, easy maintenance.

Inlet pre swirl device:
The inlet guide vane makes the air enter the impeller, which is consistent with the impeller rotation. The fan can be more efficient under non full load condition;
The range of flow regulation can reach 40% - 110%.

Oil seal:
The use of labyrinth shaft seal design, according to customer needs and transport medium, the choice of sealing effect better nitrogen seal or mechanical seal.


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