Multistage Low-speed Compressor

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Multistage low-speed Compressor can be used for aeration of waste water treatment,chemical fertilizer, desulfurization, decarburization treatment, mine flotation landfill methane recovery,transmission of air, gas, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide gas.

Multistage low-speed Compressor

Performance range

Rate of flow 40-2000m³/min,boosting 25-150kPa


Main feature

Impeller designed by three dimensional flow and numerical control, which can improve the 50%-80% of the efficiency comparing with the traditional impeller.

The inlet of the impeller is equipped with the unique streamlined guide ring, which can effectively reduce the flow loss and improve the flow efficiency of static flow, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the overall unit;


With the design of double chamber oil and the oil pan splash lubrication, the bearing raceway can automatically maintain the suitable lubrication oil level .


Without oil foam,effectively reduce the oil temperature;

using horizontal split structure for convenient maintenance.

Main Application

Aeration of waste water treatment

Chemical fertilizer, desulfurization, decarburization treatment;

Mine flotation landfill methane recovery;

Transmission of air, gas, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide gas 

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