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Guangdong Mona Lisa Ultra Low Emission Project

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Ultra-low emission treatment of four spray drying towers and four production lines of Foshan Mona Lisa project, adopting the full-automatic SNCR denitration technology + wet desulfurization technology + flat-type wet electric dust removal technology to make the flue gas emission meet the Ultra-low Emission standards. In 2015, the project has been tested by the testing unit appointed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the emission of dust is 4.9mg/Nm3, the emissions of S02 is 16mg/Nm3, the emissions of NOx is 42.4mg/Nm3, ammonia escape is less than 1ppm, the removal rate of heavy metals and their compounds (mainly referring to lead, cadmium and nickel) is more than 40%, the removal rate of fluoride and chloride is more than 50%, in a word, all the testing results are far below the 2014 revised version of " Emission Standard Of Air Pollutants In Ceramic Industry", successfully creating the first case of ultra-low emission of a variety of pollutants of flue gas demonstration project in China's ceramic industry. 




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