Denitration technology

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【SCR- selective catalytic reduction denitration technology】

Technical Features: 

1、High denitration efficiency, reaches over 90 %, which satisfies the state’s requirements on environmental protection;

2、Escape rate of exported ammonia is lower than 3ppm, which cannot causes secondary pollution;

3、Conversion from SO2 to SO3 can be effectively restrained (conversion rate<1%), which can avoid the corrosion and the block of air pre-heater; 

4、The consumption of reducing agent is low, which has low operation cost;

5、The system has low running resistance, which resistance is less than 1000Pa.

【The Ozone Oxidation of Denitration Technology】

Technical features:

1、Wide range of applications and no any special requirements. It is especially suitable for small flue gas, and to denitrificate under the condition that the NOx initial concentration is not high;

2、Denitrification efficiency is high, which can be up to 90% or more. The most economical denitrification efficiency is controlled at about 60%;

3、There is no need to increase the flue gas temperature, it can be denitrification below 250 ℃;

4、Do not use ammonia and other reductants and ozone is easy to be decomposed. Besides, there is no ozone escaping or secondary pollution and other issues;

5、It is easy to be installed, just shutting down about 3 days, whihc does not affect the production and operation;

6、It also has a certain ability to remove heavy metals within the flue gas.

【Low NOx combustion and optimal transformation of boiler】

AS to CFB, our company mainly has the following several technical routes:

1、Exhaust gas recirculation technology can restrain the generation of NOx; 

2、Staging air supply technology:Oxygen optimization and REDOX atmosphere optimization reorganization;

3、Separator reconstruction technology: improve the separation efficiency; 

4、Fluid-bed reconstruction technology: optimization of ventilation system;

5、Fluid-bed boiler comprehensive optimization technology:boiler performance improvement;

6、Full scale numerical simulation optimization;As to pulverized coal boiler our company mainly has the following several technical routes:

1、Using low NOx burner;   

2、Using air gradation combustion technology.

Brief  Introduction

Cohen Environment Protection Technology Co., a integrated service providers holding the air pollution control by a listed company -- Guangdong Keda Clean Energy Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 600499). It specializes in the power, chemical, building materials, metallurgy, garbage and biomass power generation industries such as flue gas dust removal, desulfurization and Denitration and other ultra-low emissions of environmental protection technology and equipment development, engineering design, project operations and general contracting and it is the national high-tech enterprise managing business of the third party. The company has established a national enterprise technology center, national engineering laboratory of flue gas multi-pollutant control technology and equipment, the national environmental protection industrial furnace flue gas Denitration engineering center, Jiangsu Province enterprise academician workstation, Jiangsu Province key laboratory of new-style environmental protection  and other research and development platforms, which have accessed to more than 110 national patents, which has built an area of 200000 m2 of eastern environmental protection industrial base and 130,000 m2 of western environmental industrialization base in Jiangsu Yancheng, Ningxia Shizuishan respectively.


In the respect of our development strategy, we focuses on the “Four Strategies” came up in the “13 Five-Year-Plan”: international, younger, informatization and servitization to create a top class comprehensive treatment brand of industrial waste gas. Our company has obtained the prizes of National Torch Plan Key High-Tech Enterprise, China's Environmental Protection Industry Backbone Enterprises, The National Enterprises and Intellectual Property Pilot Units, National Innovative Pilot Enterprises and other several prizes above the provincial level. We lead the head to pass the European CE Authentication and ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 three standard Authentications in our industry. Our company believes in "thoughts decides the developing direction, personal personality casts great products" business philosophy, "system first, leaders second" management principles, "resources is limited while science and technology is unlimited" industrial responsibility and "improving technology level, being industry model" development goals and other core company cultures in order to form a team common value. We have a huge influence in the society and will precipitate the characteristics as our corporate culture strategy.


In the area of scientific and technological innovation, the Company has participated in and undertook 8 provincial scientific research projects, two big scientific and technological achievements transformation projects of Jiangsu Province, one national science and technology support plan, one national "863" project, and three Innovation Fund Projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, two National Torch Plans, six national key new products, four national environmental protection authentication products, two national "13th Five-year Plan" key research and development programs, achieved 17 provincial high-tech products, 8 provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards, presided over or participated in 21 revisions of industry standards, and established more than 20 enterprise standards. The company also carried out pragmatic cooperation in the respect of production and research with Tsinghua University, Beihang University, Zhejiang University, NCEPU, Southeast University and several foreign well-known environmental agencies & research institutes.

科行环保实验室照片.JPG 科行环保实验室照片.JPG

In terms of service quality, the company creates a series of high-quality projects with the "four fine" quality policy i.e. "well design, lean manufacturing, boutique marketing, sincere service", three-graded quality assurance system, whole tracking service mechanism. Meanwhile, we also obtained the prizes of "Quality Award of Jiangsu Province" and "Quality Advanced Unit in Jiangsu Province". The advantages including the personalized service, international positioning and large-scale development make the company obtain a rich experience in the projects  implementation and EPC general contracting capacity, and we have established a long-term cooperative relationship with Huaneng, Guodian, Datang, Shenhua, Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, China Aluminum, China Coal, Everbright International, Mona Lisa, the new pearl, China Building Materials, Jinyu and other industry leaders. The products are exported to more than 20 countries including Denmark, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Nigeria and Indonesia. As the first-top brand in the field of flue gas treatment in domestic industry, the company has accumulatively contracted a total of more than 200 dust desulfurization and denitration ultra-low emission demonstration projects.

Cohen People with uprightness, passion, innovation and cooperation always adhere to the operation principle of Thoughts Decides the Outlet, Personal Personality Casts Great Product, will insist on the development idea of Personality Culture and Quality Engineering, dare to make creation, have the courage to bring forth the new ideas, is good at cooperation and constantly build enterprise’s comprehensive competitiveness in order to make contribution to mankind environmental protection career.

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Leading Talents

One academician     

Fourteen professors 

Thirteen senior engineers    

Seventy-three sub-senior engineers

Total Employees of Cohen————530

Junior College Degree or Above————212



Jiming Hao

Chinese academy of engineering,

 AcademicianInstitute of environmental science and engineering, 

Tsinghua university,

 DeanCheung kong scholar chair professor

Meizhen Lin

Doctor, The original fuel technology companies in the United States, Chief executive of the Asia Pacific region

Fahe Cai

Chinese research academy of environmental sciences, Vice-president

Qin Zhong

Nanjing University of Science and TechnologyProfessor, Doctoral advisor, Ten thousand people plan, Famous teachers

Junhua Li

Institute of environmental science and engineering, Tsinghua university Professor, Doctoral advisor, Ten thousand people plan, Science and technology innovation talents

Xiang Gao

Zhejiang university,Professor Doctoral advisor

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