KEDA, established in 1992 and went public in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2002 (Ticker Symbol: 600499), is an experienced project organization and technology provider with subsidiaries for wall material, ceramic, artificial stone, coal gasification system, high pressure hydraulic piston pump and blower system. 
The main subsidiaries are as follows: 


Taking over around more than 170 acre in Foshan and maanshan with 4000 staffs and capital registered USD 108.00 million, as the wholly owned subsidiary of KEDA, KEDA- SUREMAKER specializes in providing solution for AAC plant and sand lime brick plant. 
KEDA SUREMAKER, taking over around more than 170 acre in Foshan and maanshan with 4000 staffs and capital registered USD 108.00 million, as the wholly owned subsidiary of KEDA, KEDA- SUREMAKER specializes in providing solution for AAC plant and sand lime brick plant. With the national engineering experiment center and R&D center, KEDA- SUREMAKER can ensure the successful launch of new products. All the main components are processed in one step though clamping and molding by digital machine tools. And all the host equipments will undergo ex-factory loaded commissioning; The key equipments will undergo multi-machine linkage commissioning. With considerate and professional service, KEDA- SUREMAKER has built more than 800 plants worldwide. 
KEDA(AnHui)CLEAN ENERGY COMPANY LIMITED  was established On Apr. 28, 2007 in Ma’anshan City, as a subsidiary company of KEDA CLEAN ENERGY CO., LTD. The company has adopted the certification system of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. The company has specialized in R&D, equipment manufacturing, gas production & sales. At the same time, The company has also engaged in R&D of chemical and environmental protection technology and the production and sale of related equipment.
In the future, KEDA will continue to focus on the diversified development of clean energy environmental protection plate, to create a professional manufacturer with international competitiveness, provide a set of clean energy solutions for the enterprise to realize sustainable development and make happiness longer.

Hardware strength: KEDA builds a R&D and manufacturing base of clean coal gasification system. The facilities and equipment in the factory are advanced and completed, and the bridge crane lifting capacity is up to 260T, matching production facilities including CNC gantry machining-center, CNC floor-type boring and milling machine, steel plate preprocessor, CNC double column plasma incise machine, thermal treatment furnace, nondestructive testing room, paint spray booth, etc., these facilities can meet the production and manufacture of equipment components such as clean energy, lithium battery, chemical and environmental protection.

Software strength: KEDA assembled a technical and management team which is composed of Ph.D., masters and bachelors; the company has set up the platform of producing-studying-researching, including “Key Laboratory of Clean Coal Gasification”, “Technology R&D Center”, “Academician Work Station”, etc.;  the company has independently developed two core technologies of circulating fluidized gasification system and atmospheric/low pressure entrained-flow gasification system, and it obtained 173 authorized patents; the company also imported advanced software, such as CAD, Aspen plus, Solidworks, Fluent, Sw6 for engineering design, 3D modeling, simulation calculation, etc.
Besides, KEDA holds the qualification of design or construction general contracting(EPC) at certain subject, such as special equipment, petrochemical and metallurgical and chemical engineering.



HUDU-KEDA has long been devoted to the development and service of advanced turbo machinery equipment. After more than ten years of precipitation and accumulation, it has formed a series of products represented by high speed centrifugal blower / compressor, low speed centrifugal fan / blower. Excellent performance is demonstrated in the pressurization and transportation process of air, gas and other special gas medium. 

HUDU-KEDA has a perfect quality system and national technology center, academician / postdoctoral work station, now has many products patent. From 2007 onwards, the company has thousands of sets of various types of products are widely used in the field of chemical industry, metallurgy, power plant, papermaking, medicine, environmental protection, nonferrous metal smelting, sewage treatment, and with high reliability, high efficiency and intelligent features to win market recognition. 


Cohen Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd, an integrated service provider holding the air pollution control technology controlled by the listed company- Keda Clean Energy Co., Ltd. (security code: 600499), is a national key high-tech enterprises which specializes in the equipment development, engineering design, project operations, general engineering contract and third party governance business of the flue gas dust removal, desulfurization, denitration and other ultra-low emissions of environmental protection technology in different industries such as power, chemical, building materials, metallurgy, garbage and biomass power generation. 

The company with the National Enterprise Technology Center, National Engineering Laboratory of flue Gas Multi-Pollutant Control Technology and equipment, National Environmental Protection Industrial Furnace Kiln flue Gas denitrification Engineering Center, Jiangsu Province Enterprise Academician Workstation, Jiangsu Province Key Laboratory of New-style Environmental Protection and other R&D platforms all established by itself, now has obtained more than 110 national patents and also has built an eastern environmental protection industrial base covering an area of 200000 m2 in Jiangsu Yancheng and a western environmental industrialization base covering an area of 130000m²in Ningxia Shizuishan.

In the respect of our development strategy, the company focus on the “Four Strategies” came up in the “13 Five-Year-Plan”: international, younger, informatization and servitization to create a top class comprehensive treatment brand of industrial waste gas. The company has obtained the prizes of National Torch Plan Key High-Tech Enterprise, China's Environmental Protection Industry Backbone Enterprises, The National Enterprises and Intellectual Property Pilot Units, National Innovative Pilot Enterprises and other several prizes above the provincial level and has led the head to pass the European CE Authentication and ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 three standard Authentications in our industry. With the company team common values of "thoughts decides the developing direction, personal personality casts great products" business philosophy , "system first, leaders second" management principle , "resources is limited while science and technology is unlimited" industrial responsibility view,"improving technology level, being industry model" development goal and“Customer is God, advancer is core”company culture etc,the company have a huge influence in the society and will precipitate the characteristics as our corporate culture strategy.

In the area of scientific and technological innovation, the Company has participated in and undertook 13 provincial scientific research projects, 3 big scientific and technological achievement transformation projects of Jiangsu Province, 1 national science and technology support plan, 1 national "863" project, and 3 Innovation Fund Projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 2 National Torch Plans, 6 national key new products, 4 national environmental protection authentication products, 4 national "13th Five-year Plan" key research and development programs, achieved 17 provincial high-tech products, 8 provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards, presided over or participated in 12 revisions of industry standards, and established more than 20 enterprise standards. The company has also carried out pragmatic cooperation in the respect of production and research with Tsinghua University, Beihang University, Zhejiang University, NCEPU, Southeast University and several foreign well-known environmental agencies & research institutes.
In terms of service quality, the company creates a series of high-quality projects with the "four fine" quality policy i.e. "well design, lean manufacturing, boutique marketing, sincere service", three-graded quality assurance system, whole tracking service mechanism. Meanwhile, we also obtained the prizes of "Quality Award of Jiangsu Province" and "Quality Advanced Unit in Jiangsu Province". The advantages including the personalized service, international positioning and large-scale development make the company obtain a rich experience in the project implementation and EPC general contracting capacity, and the company has established a long-term cooperative relationship with Huaneng, Guodian, Datang, Shenhua, Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, China Aluminum, China Coal, Everbright International, Mona Lisa, the new pearl, China Building Materials, Jinyu and other industry leaders. The products are exported to more than 20 countries including Denmark, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Nigeria and Indonesia. As the first-top brand in the field of flue gas treatment in domestic industry, the company has accumulatively contracted a total of more than 200 dust desulfurization and denitration ultra-low emission demonstration projects.

Thoughts decides the developing direction, personal personality casts great products. With the core characteristics of "Justice, passion, innovation, cooperation." and the development idea of “Quality culture, quality engineering”,Cohen people constantly create the enterprise comprehensive competition ability though daring the innovative and being good at integration to make the greater contribution for the human environmental protection cause ! 


Henan KDNEU International Engineering Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise specializes in engineering design & technology consulting, energy-saving & environment protecting equipment development, PM & EPC, special equipment design & manufacture etc.
KDNEU has the qualifications of metallurgical industry design, architectural engineering design, chemical engineering design and general construction contractor, and special equipment design such as pressure vessel, pressure piping, has independent import and export business trade rights, and has a sound ISO9001 international quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management system. Additionally, KDNEU has formed a strategic cooperation with Northeastern University, Northeastern University Engineering ; Research Institute Co., Ltd., , China Nonferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd., , also has established a horizontal combination of production, teaching and research with several famous domestic colleges and universities such as North China University of Technology, thus achieving research resource sharing with the society, and strengthening our core competitiveness and sustainable innovation ability.
KDNEU  provides users with nonferrous metallurgy, chemical engineering, architectural engineering, wall material, ceramic machinery whole line industry planning, consulting, construction drawing design and EPC hand in hand with strategic partners based on implementation of feature design, thus promoting the industry system optimization and technical innovation, and making special technical and economic indicators in nonferrous metallurgy design field reach the international advanced level. Meanwhile, we take energy conservation and emission reduction and production and efficiency increasing as the subject, and develop successively several complete proprietary technical equipments and patented technologies, receiving a good energy saving and environmental protection result, among which, multifunction suspension roaster system, aluminium electrolysis opposite-direction flue gas cleaning system by dry process, high rate deep cone settler system, vertical multileaf filter, and quick barrel digester are widely used in large-scale aluminum industry construction projects at home and abroad; and rectifying power supply system of aluminium electrolysis plant, electrolytic cell control system, and volume-fixed unloader are well received by aluminium industry. In addition, our company undertakes Keda Group’s EPC general contracting and technical consulting and services, and we are committed to energy conservation and environment protection, economical and efficient clean coal gas technology and large equipment design and project implementation, so as to add new power for and guarantee the urban development and environmental governance.



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